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By Gnomes.

So in the meantime, here's what we'd like to say... Making the world a nicer place needn't be all hard work. Kent & Brown was founded upon the fundaments of, Environment, Ecology and Ethics. We understand the importance of a natural ecological balance in your outdoor home, for the garden itself and more importantly - for you. We use Organic Fertilisers, Insecticides and Weedkillers in addition to novel and ingenious techniques to make your garden flourish with year round interest.

So what exactly do we do..? Gardening, Lawn Maintenance, Design and Landscaping - Clear and Mow, Feed, Weed, Plant and Grow - We can help with any gardening requirements you have, be it Tree surgery, Moss reduction, planting a vegetable patch - even installing Artificial grass. Or just a pair of helping hands while you exercise your own green fingers... if it's made of plants or designed to look like one we can work with it.

Recycling is big business these days and we like to think we contribute in a number of ways. Our preloved Vehicles have all had served at least one maybe not so careful owner and sometimes require more recycling at the start of a working day. Likewise, soil and organic fertilisers aren't cheap, so any organic material we remove from your garden is composted, then used as a growing medium for our own seedlings or as a soil conditioner ingredient. All this recycling means we make big savings, which we pass directly to you.

Save the Planet - One Garden at a Time If you like what we do then spread the word, it's not supposed to be a secret! Also more work in a paricular area means we can use less fuel getting there, spread the costs of tool hire, plants or fertilisers and significantly reduce our carbon footprint (which reduces yours too). Also, any work received through a direct customer referral earns 5% of the booking too. Which means you can help make the world a slightly nicer place, with Cashback.